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Brush losing hair

I have a brush that i have had for about a year. Recently it loses one hair each time i shave.

I use the brush the same each time i use it. I fill my sink with hot water as well as my shaving bowl (a cappuccino cup). The brush sits in the water while i shower for maybe 5 minutes. Once out of the shower, i begin my shave. I make my lather with a combination of stirring motions and back and forth 'painting' motions in the bowl. When i apply the lather to my face, i usually surround the bristles of the brush with my index finger and thumb like i am making an 'o.k.' sign. Once i get done shaving. I turn the brush upside down and run water into it squeezing the brush until the water coming out runs clear. After that, i flick the water out of the brush into the shower. It usually takes about 10 good flicks to get most of the water out. After that, i usually flick less vigorously about 10 more times. I store my brush bristles up on a shelf exposed to the open air.

I have cleaned my brush 2 times with a solution of hot water, vinegar, and dawn dish washing soap.

Why is my brush shedding so much? If it is something i am doing, let me know because you won't hurt my feelings. ;)
It could be the squeezing of the brush is working out some of the hairs. I found simply flicking it works well enough.
Occasionally my brushes will loose a few hairs each shave for a few days, and then be fine for quite a while. If you've been using the brush for a year with no problems and now it looses one hair a shave, I don't think its too much to worry about. If it continues for a long time however then it might not be normal. I am very picky about my brushes but a few hairs here and there don't hurt my feeling too bad.
I generally flick my brush out a few times and then dry on a towel, and place then on their base to dry. I haven't noticed any affect in not using a stand to using one. I suppose it also depends on the initiall quality. A cheaper brush I would expect to wear out faster than a more expensive one.
I use a cheap boar brush (balea) and for the first time there was a few hair loss, but not too much. I think a more expensive brush's hair loss could be more problematic especially after the first succesful year with that brush.
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