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Brown Leaf, Oshawa Meet Up ?

The cigar shop here, Victory Cigars, is having a pipe night august 22nd, it starts at 5:30 (its a wednesday night) costs 10 bucks, but you get a pipe bag for going, and there happeneds to be that tim hortons right next door, i was planning on going anyway no advice like in person advice, i mean you have someone to smack you in the back of the head and call you dummy in person, just helps you learn your lessons quicker.

I know there is a few members from the area thought it would be a great chance to meet up have some coffee a pipe or two if anyone is interested would love to hear back from you
Well if no one else is in the neighbourhood it's okay maybe I can recruit more guys here and enable some new shavers in the process lol
Just wanted to chime in here as I'm local. Syngent and I already PM'd about this and he knows I'll be out of town that week, but for any other locals, I thinkit'd be a great experience for the reasons already stated, but also for possible tobacco trades. Baccy is SOOOO expensive for us if we shop locally, and this way we could get our hands on a variety of stuff for no additional cost. I'm always open to that sort of thing, if anyone wants to contact me privately, outside of B&B of course, we could work something out.
so this wednesday is the pipe night at victory cigars in oshawa, just incase anyone is in the area i will be going, its ten bucks to get in but they are giving a pipe pouch away and i think i heard someone say they have a bbq there as well,
Dang nabbit I don't want to go alone... ill have to smoke in front of people and they'll you know see me... and judge me with their eyes
That would be cool Jackie but no worries if you can't I'm good at being socially awkward all by myself lol
door prizes bbq drinks... special sales amd this for coming
$20120822_175455.jpghas a pipe pouch some tobacco and a tin time to eat
Was outside the shop is an old house so we were in its back yard with a bbq and more food then everyone could eat soda on hand and lots of pipes and people cost ten bucks ill be going to one again for sure hopefully Jason can come to next one and a return from Uncle Jackie too
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