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Body moisturizer

Brave Soldier's infusion works really well but for over the counter lubriderm's fragrance free works wonders and there is no greasy feel....I keep a bottle on my dresser.
Hey Clark. This one is a tough one. My personal view is that most of the gourmet moisturizers out there are not worth the money. They are no more efficacious than the supermarket variety, and the price tags can get truly ridiculous.

Here are two thoughts for you:

(1) If you are looking for pure utility, it is hard to beat the various Aveeno offerings that you can get in any store. Good moisturizing properties,and relatively inexpensive.

(2) If you care about scent and are willing to pay more, Em's products are lovely. Right now I am using her Jojoba cream in the "balancing" (sandalwood et al.) scent, and the all-purpose moisturizer in the "relaxing" (lavender, etc.) scent. Very good moisturizers with great scents.
Hello Clark,

I have several of the Floris body moisturizers which I think are very good. A bit pricey if you don't catch them on sale. Very generous portions with a pump dispenser.

We are assuming here you mean "body" and not face. Body moisturizers are normally applied after a shower or bath where the soap or gel used dried you out a bit. They normally don't work too well for face moisturizing.

I, myself, use alcohol-free balms for face moisturizers.

You might want to investigate shower gels and soaps that provide you with all-over body moisturizing.

Plano TX
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