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Blue Bird

Be careful!

First two shaves with Blue Bird blades (both with Gillette NEW):

Smooth, sharp, and close. Not much touch up or buffing required, but they cut me up a bit (mostly on the second shave, which I thought would be much kinder). If I'd have been wiser I would have been careful and not gotten cut so much, but it felt so gentle in the NEW that I just sort of spaced out and gave myself an old fashioned lazy, enthusiastic shave. Consequently, on my second shave I was left with a numerous weepers and some neck irritation. The shave more or less feels fine now, but could have been so much better had I exercised some caution.

As I get more consistent I'll be better able to judge blades (and my own technique, which can be quite good or negligent, depending on my state of mind).
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