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Blend ends up oddly...familiar

I love anything cedary/piney, so I finally got some Pino Silvestre in the mail today. Can't say I really care for it...seems neither potent nor long-lasting, but then I'm spoiled for Aubrey Herbal Pine, which is essentially a tree in a bottle. :thumbup:

Anyway, after my shower I had the impulse to spray one shot of Beene's Bowling Green on my arm and cover it with two shots of Pino. Why? Just cuz. After a couple minutes, the resulting blend vaguely reminded me of a very popular scent herebouts...kind of a 2nd cousin. That impression didn't last past 5 minutes and didn't make sense that it should have hit me at all. But after looking at the ingredients at Basenotes I think I see why it did.

Could be that my nose is just hallucinating, too, but if you happen to have these two in your den, try it and see if it rings any bells.
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