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Blade spoiled?

Well - bad news.... I used a fresh Merkur Stainless PT blade today in my Merkur long handle - the first time I have used a merkur blade in at LEAST 6 months, and I must say.... I hated it. Shocked by how much I couldn't stand the merkur blade - I poped open a fresh card, grabbed a new pack, and reloaded the merkur. 2nd try.... same results.

Looks like the feathers and derby's spoiled me for good. Anyone else have this "problem?"
I have had the same experience. I have only used merur blades on one occasion. I received a pack as an extra with a trade, after using derby blades I was very disappointed with the merkur. I tried to switch blades and the results were the same. They did not seem very sharp, they hardly seemed to be cutting the hair. They also were uncomfortable, almost rough feeling.
I gave up on Merkurs a long time ago, they are too rough and unpredictable.
Israelis and Derbys are way better.
I gave up on Merkurs for quite a while (at least a month). I thought Feather's were the only blade I could be happy with.

Today, I mustered up the courage to use a Merkur blade (in an open comb nonetheless). I got an incredibly smooth, BBS shave. Could have been the ARKO Berber Tras Sabunu, we'll see tomorrow when I use a different soap...
Ignorance is bliss, so they say. When I re-entered wetshaving last year, I bought a Merkur HD and some Merkur blades and just couldn't believe how good the shave was; used the Merkurs for about three months. Then like everything else, I just had to start experimenting and tried other blades.

Last week I popped in a Merkur blade and within seconds I realized why I had quit using them! :w00t: My current blades of choice are Feathers and Swedes.
I have had the same problem. After using those Derby blades, going back to the Merkur blade one day, i just coudnt acheive the same results.
I haven't used Derbys or Feathers yet so I don't know what I'm missing out on. I like the Merkur blades enough. They work fine. I got some CVS blades and they work fine too.

One day I'll try these legendary blades that you speak of but for now, I'll stick with what I have and be happy because my shaves are very good.

I wouldn't even know where to buy Derbys or Feathers in Los Angeles. I've asked before and gotten zero replies.
jduffy said:
I wouldn't even know where to buy Derbys or Feathers in Los Angeles. I've asked before and gotten zero replies.

Derbys are only available through ebay or encure.com. Feathers are most like only available online as well, unless you can find a barber that carries them.
I think I must have posted my previous reply in the wrong thread...'cause I'm the only one so far that has even mentioned 'Swedish Gillettes.' :ohmy: Looks like Derbys and Feathers are at the top of the pile so far.

Swedish Gillettes anyone??? :confused1
I keep considering sliding in one of my Merkur blades, but the shaves I got after switching to Derby and Israeli blades were so muh better and I don't wanna go back. As for Feathers and Swedish Gillettes, well, I haven't purchased any so I can't comment.
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