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Blade Disposal

I was just wondering how most folks dispose of their used DE blades. When I was a kid I remember our bathroom cabinet had a little slot for used blades--I guess they just collected in the crawl space under the house. Now I just wrap my used blades in the wax paper the new blade comes in and throw it in the trash. Anyone do it differently?


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Don't most of the packages have a slot to store the used blades? Of course, if you're buying in bulk.....
I use this. It's only $0.99

"The safe and sanitary way to dispose of used blades without risk or worry. The extra-long slot in the top of the canister is designed to accomodate the extra length of straight razor blades as well as standard double-edge blades.

Container may be opened and emptied when full or simply disposed of entirely."




Stjynnkii membörd dummpsjterd
I dunno. $0.99 is kinda steep. It would cut into my cream addiction.:001_rolle
I've heard of people making a 'piggy bank' for blades out of an old medicine jar. Just cut a slit in the lid, close it and you have a childproof container for them.
i take mine out and put it in this highly sophisticated bag lined contraption called a trash can..

Someone told me that it will catch on soon and everyone will be putting their old blades in these after a while.
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