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Billy Jealousy Whipped Cream?

I tried their Hydroplane and it was decent but was premiumly expensive since it was 8 ounces and took a good bit to get a decent shaving surface because it cannot be lathered or used with a brush (or such was my experience).

At only 2 bucks more for a jar of potentially latherable cream, could be really good. Looking forward to seeing if anyone has used it. 8 Ounces also seems like a great deal for the price. I used to love the Citrus Hyrdoplane scent, I wonder how this compares.
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I tried the Hydroplane as well. And I agree with what you say. I'd like to know how the Whipped Cream performs before spending money on it.
Okay...i've bookmarked this thread. I'll post my results after I get it in the mail and have tested it thorougly.

Great! I'm really looking forward to it. Make sure you get a few shaves in before giving us your final impression. My personal experience has been that it takes several shaves to truly judge a shaving cream.
Received today. First thing I noticed was an extremely powerful lavender scent. I don't mind lavender but i'm also not a super fan of it. Now to go shave and start the testing.
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For a link to the actual review and scores, please click this link: http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php?p=1324899#post1324899

This review is in reference to the Billy Jealousy Whipped Cream Traditional Shave Lather (Brush or Brushless).

First let me start of by saying that I have previously used Billy Jealousy Hydroplane Shave Cream, BJ's Face Wash, the Hot Towel Pre-Shave treatment, and the Shaved Ice A/S Balm. All 4 of those products are VERY good and work very well. At 22.00 for an 8 ounce tub of this new Whipped Cream, the price seems rather reasonable considering the BJ track record of quality and the amount of cream that you get. I'll also add that I was extremely excited when I heard about this product because Hydroplane does not lather, it is not intended to, and therefore I was pumped that Billy Jealousy would visit the other side of the shaving market.

And then I was disappointed. Yesterday afternoon, before work , I set out to build a nice creamy lather using my recently acquired Whipped Cream samples. I soaked my Tweezerman Badger Brush in hot water, showered, and then prepared to mix lather. I used my finger to scoop out a snurdle (I think that's the word used here) of the cream and put it on the bristles. I began swirling my brush in the mug anticipating the formation of lather. But there wasn't any, I seemed to sort of be "pushing around cream", so I added a titch of water. Swirled some more, still nothing. More water, and the faintest hint of lather formation appeared. Added more water but no more lather appeared. Okay, now thoroughly confused, I added another snurdle of cream (thinking maybe I didn't use enough) and swirled, still nothing. More water, and still nothing. So I added one more snurdle (now beginning to understand why the tub is 8 ounces), and swirled some more. There was a slight bit of lather formation but nothing to write home about, and it didn't matter that I added more water a few times, it just would not build lather. In the past I used the Jack Black Supreme Cream and it didn't lather either. In any case, I decided what the heck, it says it can be used with a brush so let me brush some of this on, and let's see what happens. I coated my face, or tried to (it really didn't even provide enough for a single coat), and then decided to try shaving anyway. With my Milord and a fresh Blue Bird blade, I made the first few strokes and felt nothing but dragging, there was no lubrication. I finished my face and went to my neck and after the first stroke, I knew I couldn't finish. Frustrated, I dumped what little lather had been made and mixed up some Art of Shaving Lavender. I didn't get the greatest AOS mix because I think my brush might have been a little gummy from this Billy Jealousy cream. I completed my shave with no further problems.

Upon returning from work early this morning I decided to try using the cream brushless for a pass, although I wouldn't normally do a second shave in a day. While it did do better in this capacity, it still wasn't anything to write home about. The lubrication was much better, the shave was smoother (although there wasn't the full days growth) and I didn't notice any razor burn after the fact. I also decided to try mixing up another batch, this time with an old Burma Shave Bristle Brush and experienced about the same results as earlier. In excess of 200 swirls or about 3+ minutes of mixing, with the slow addition of water, and still next to nothing.

If you are looking for a brushless cream, this might be great for you because as with anything, YMMV. If you've used Jack Black Supreme Cream, this has the exact same scent and does the exact same when you try to lather it. If you are looking for a lathering cream, the label is misleading, because it is by no means a "traditional" shave lather. How it rests in the tub is as lathered as it's going to get.

Photos are available in the actual review thread.

Thank You.
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It's been awhile since I used it, a few years. But it was really good stuff as I remember. Cooling (but no menthol or peppermint as I remember) just chilling. Also nice to add to a moist face after a shave and left my skin really smooth.

Edit: Just checked the ingredients. I guess it does have peppermint but very little, it's at the end of list.
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