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Best source for foreign products?

In your opinion, whats the best online source for products not sold in America. Stuff like Wilkinson shaving cream, Brut cream, Wars, ect....

Reasonable prices would be nice too.
IIRC, I read here that Wars was discontinued. I bought some from Shave-a-buck.com, along with some other stuff, and was impressed with his selection and prices. Last time I checked, he still had some Wars in stock, but by all accounts, this will be it.

Have also purchased items from italianbarber.com and would highly recommend this vendor as well. If you want any of the italian products, I'd check with him first.

I agree for Shaveabuck , he have stuff from all around the world and the price is good there.
When i want something i always go there to look at first.
In fact i received today a Gillette Menthol cream from Argentina.
desistores.net , tuttoitaliaonline.nl , barbershopclassics.nl , thedifferentscent.de ,giftsandcare.com (for the finest spanish brushes) , cosmeticbag.com a.k.a. makeup-mall.com for russian aftershaves (click on fragrances,men)...maharajashave.com fauteuil-barbier.com (click on perfumerie and rassage)
Britva.eu they carry Russian stuff. I have also tried italianbarber.com very nice products as well.
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