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Best shave yet

I haven't been at this long, but I found what may be the perfect combination for me. I have tried a few soaps and creams so far with my 2 razors and different blades and I might have found my golden ticket. I loaded a feather blade in my '76 knack, lathered up my puck of VDH deluxe with my 22mm TGN finest badger nib in a brush handle I made, and followed that up with my homemade ASB (witch hazel, unscented lotion, and jojoba oil). I have a DFS with no irritation and everything just felt good, during and post. The razor glided over my skin smoothly with no drag or irritation and everything felt like it should just happen this way.

My Merkur 33c is great, but this may be my go to razor (until I get another to try out). I have been reading amazing things about the feather portable, so that'll probably be the next acquisition.
Great job, breadstick! I have a Knack that I have not shaved with yet. Think load it up with a Feather now and give it a try.

Congrats and great job!

Keep at it and every shave will be just like that! I had a great shave a couple of hours ago with the DE89L, a fresh Iridium and Bigelow.
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