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Best Razor For Trimming Around A Beard?

As mentioned on another thread, I have a short, but full beard and moustache. In order to preserve a neat appearance, I still have to shave the pockets of my cheeks and the throat area.

So far, I have had the best experience with a straight razor, but I am still somewhat on the lower end of the learning curve for that method.

Among the safety razors, I have thus far found my best results for maintaining a neat beardline with a GEM/Star Model 1912 SE and my Gillette NEW and Tech. Perhaps my it has something to do with the shape and profile of the head of those razors?

I also own a 1957 Gillette Super Speed and a 1974 Gillette Super Adjustable, but find that the heads of those two razors seem to be a bit "clunky" for accurate trimming around a beard and moustache. Maybe I just need to practice more.

I would love to find an adjustable razor with a smaller (thinner?), slimmer profile along the lines of a NEW or Tech. To me, that would be the ultimate razor for one with a beard and moustache.

How about the Merkur Progress? Any other suggestions?

For those of you with a beard: What have been your experiences?

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I shave the same way around my beard, and have found my fat-handled Tech to be "just right". The thin head profile seems to allow me the sort of precision of blade placement that I want. I cannot see doing that as well with any of the TTO's though.

I used to use a straight to "set my line" once a week then attempted to keep it with disposables in the shower each morning. I came to detest the imprecision of multi-bladed disposables for that task. When I found the old Tech I was immediately impressed with the ease of cutting to that line. I keep looking at all the old Gillettes B&B'ers post each day, but have yet to see anything that I think would work as well for me as the three-piece razors.
I have a goatee and I find that the old type standards have a great slim head. I use an unstamped 3pc old type and it works quite good for trimming and for the overall shave.

That said though, when I need to get serious about my goat I haul out a schick injector. I know, I know, it ain't a Gillette! But, this is a 30's bakelite so it is clearly vintage. And it drives like a sports car bw the stache and my nose. Trims the sides perfect. I use it only for touching up and shaping so the blades last for ages. Then, shave the rest of your flesh with whatever you want!
Moustache and goatee. I use whatever. I have a Fatboy, various SuperSpeeds, Techs, a New, and some Gems. The Tech and the New both do great, but the Junior seems to work the best at the edge. The blade is forward and flat. Easy to get in and also see what you are doing. I only use the Gems in a big rotation, so the others do an acceptable job.
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