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Best pre shave oil or cream and why?

I am a newb, but I have tried several including van vulay, Avon, Nivea, Lisa’s Naturals, and even using some Castile soap on my face after washing.

Of those, Lisa’s does well. But I will be getting some Grooming Dept pre shave. I think that product line is second to none
I’m a big fan of the jack black beard lube I use it as a base and apply lather over it. I let it sit on my face as load and lather.

I started with art of shaving pre shave oils and they just seemed to clog up the razors. Proraso really didn’t do anything for me. I also have and tried paa cube. I tried as recommended, rubbing the cube on the face and then lathering over it, didn’t provide the same slickness as jack black. Since I have the cube I use it as a last step face wash before finishing shower.
...but I get a much better and non irritating shave with some type of preshave...
If your lather is perfect, you would not need pre-shave treatment, other than proper hydration of the beard.

...That said, I’m looking for guidance for the best preshave oil, crème or recipe. I’m trying to improve from what I’ve tried so far...
Any preshave oil or face cream would work. The most basic cream to try is Nivea for men, if you like its scent. It is indeed an eye opener.
...Prorasso- Have the green and red tubs. It works, it’s cheap, it’s easy, and best of all rinses off your fingers immediately under water. No greasy hands or additional cleanup. The one large drawback, IMO, is a strong smell and I don’t like it competing with a nice soap...
I also used the green and red pre-shave. Neither made it till the end. The green was awful to start with as the smell was overpowering. It smelled of some chest rub, really pungent medicine. The pre-shave properties were meh, to say the least.
The red had a strong sandalwood scent that was somehow pleasant and complemented the red soap. Scent wise was just OK, but I didn't really feel any improvements in post-shave. I would not recommend any of them.

In my experience, any face cream will do well as a pre-shave, as long as the scent does not interfere with the lather and it is pleasant.
I use glycerin bar soap I found in a local drugstore.. I just rub wet hands on the bar and then on my face. It improves performance of shaving soaps that need help with slickness. (You know who you are!) Otherwise, it doesn't do much.
Truefitt and Hill pre shave oil is very light, with a subtle citrus aroma. I use a couple of drops every other shave or so. It washes off my hands instantly after application. Very light oil. I'm not sure it really does much in terms of the actual shave, but it's part of the routine.

I shower pre-bedtime and normally shave between 10A-12P.
If I'm removing 2-3days of growth, I use Proraso Beard Balm (Wood& Spice) after washing my face and carry on with my morning. During pre-shave prep, I may apply the corresponding pre-shave cream; but as for oils, Truefitt's is definitely tops.
I've used pre-shaves for the last 9 months and I think they do make a difference. I've stayed away from the oils and concentrated on the creams. I've been using the white Proraso, no menthol, and only lightly scented with apple and oatmeal which I can't smell at all and there is no conflict with any soap or aftershave. For the heck of it, I use Proraso for a week and then Eucerin Calm for a week. Any face or hand cream will do and is as effective as the Proraso. Neither of these clogs my razor or negatively coats my brush but both do a good job at hydrating my skin and whiskers.
Art of Shaving “unscented“ pre shave oil. Actually I now use a recipe that is very close to AoS pre shave oil.
Three to four drops for my whole face before lathering. Six drops would negatively effect the shave.
I've tried oils and didn't like the mess. From my experience for myself the PAA cube is very good, Stirling glacial pre-shave bar is better and I really like the Brito glycerin soap best now. Lather it up on your face with a brush and just leave it on.
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