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I have been doing a lot of reading here and on Straight Razor Place and will be making my move to straights in a few weeks. I have read lots of conflicting opinions, but it seems that a paddle strop is more recommended than a hanging strop. Is this true? Also, what is a good, reasonbably priced beginner strop? I have heard the Tony Miller strops are great to start with.


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Hanging vs. Paddle? That's a whole debate. Which is better to start with? I don't know, honestly. I think they are both great. I find hanging strop is easier but then, I never owned a paddle. I left my hanging strop on the table and tried it, it works, but it's not comfortable.

Tony has a reputation of making excellent strops. If you can find them. What you need is a starter strop, something made of leather that won't cost too much as you will nick the strop, everyone does. Nothing to feel bad about but you rather nick that cheap $20 strop than a $150 strop!


"To Wiki or Not To Wiki, That's The Question".
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Thank you for the advice. What would be a good starter strop?

I think ruprazor has a cheap strop on his website (starter strop). You could also get a cheap vintage off ebay.

On B&B, Ambrose makes his strops, he would probably be able to make you a "nice strop" and a "practice strop".
The most common suggestion for a beginner strop is the RupRazor Filly as it is $20, and has CrOx on the back for touchups. It is supposed to be a very nice starter or travel strop.

Then after you know you are going to stick with straight shaving and you improve your stropping technique enough that you don't nick your strop any more there are lots of options for nicer strops and you will have plenty of time to research those while using your filly. For that matter, there is no reason why you couldn't just keep using your filly, although most people suggest having a second stropping component such as linen/cotton/canvas/denim/webbed fabric.
Congrats on the decision to foray into the world of straight shaving. You will find it to be a lot of fun.

I have never owned a paddle strop and have always been working with a hanging one and love it. Even when starting out, I got me an SRD Premium IV (middle of the range, price wise)...My thought is that if you spend $$ on a good strop, you will be more cognizant of technique and less likely to nick...but, I am probably in the minority.
a cheap latigo from SRD or any other seller would be a good first pick. I personally Loooove my newly acquired Kanayama 30k
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