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Best ever shave.

Hi all my name is Tim and I'm 34.
I just got the best shave of my life.
I have only been DE shaving for about a month.
I used the following.
Merker Futur on 3 setting.
Feather blade.
I only do 2 passes WTG & ATG.
Shave after my shower.
I'd be lying by saying I only been de shaving for about a month as I started with a Mach 3 and changed to DE Shaving when I was 17 and did it for about 1 year. Please any tips and feedback would be appreciated.
Let me be the first to welcome you aboard Tim! This is a great community and I'm sure you will find the camaraderie warm and helpful. It sure looks like you are off to a great start. Nice set up you have there. The best shot at advice I can give without specifics is to read through all the articles under "New Library" on the home page and the ShaveWiki articles. From there, follow the "New Posts" and read threads that interest you. There is a wealth of experience and knowledge here so feel free to post a new thread and ask questions. Enjoy the journey!
Don't look like you need any tips, if you got your best ever shave. Keep doing what works, and congrats.
Welcome to B&B.
Welcome and congrats! What type of tips are you looking for specifically? Give us an idea of what you're looking to improve and you'll definitely get suggestions and comments.
Have fun, lots of help around here. I too have been getting great shaves since switching from Gillette Fusion..... Welcome aboard.
I was thinking of trying a new razor as well just for abit of variety. I require something abit aggressive as my whiskers grow fast and tough. Anything you can recommend. Nothing above €100 as money is not a problem but I still cannot justify more than that for a razor.
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