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Best brush for soaps?

OK fellas,

I realize that this is all STRICTLY personal opinion...

But I'm curious - what is your PERFECT soap brush?

Merry Christmas!!
Hi Howard,
See subject, the one that is in my hand at the time!!:w00t: I find they are all, big and small, short and tall, floppy and resilient, wonderful with good old-fashioned hard soap. Maybe not that new soap-king:huh: , but most any other..

I disagree somewhat with those that like certain brushes for creams, others for soaps, etc. With a bit of adjustment, all will work great.

If you personally like something a bit stiffer and scritchier for soaps, the little C&E (Edwin Jagger) best badger brush gets a lot of airplay here, and rightfully so. However, if you like something a little bigger, I have my eye on this beauty from the same folks.
OK - to be fair, I tend to agree with you guys. I have used every single brush I've ever had with soaps / creams / Method Shaving cube+paste, etc.

All will get the job done (albiet, each is a bit different).

I was just wondering what the general consesus was - i.e. "this type of brush for this, that type of bristle for that."

Seems like everyone (at least so far) does it just like me. :blush:

I've been drooling over this and this.
Just to make a point, I got out a big old floppy brush this morning and went to town on a bowl of D.R. Harris Arlington soap. No problem whatesoever, as you can see below, after four luxurious passes:

Actually, it was really lovely to have that big honkin' brush moving that great Harris lather around my face. A really great combo that you are missing out on if you limit yourself to scritchy brushes and soaps.
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Nice picture. I've also found that big brushes, as well as small, work well on soaps. I'm not persuaded that different size brushes are better for different products. It's a matter of getting the water/soap or water/cream balance right and things fall into place after that.

smoothfacejeff said:
Ron, my Omega brush seems to whip up a better lather with my creams than with my soaps. Is it my imagination or what?

Hi Jeff,
Is it the boar bristle or synthetic? I have found that all other things equal, stiff bristles are better than soft bristles which are better than stiff bristles! :smile:
I seldom count the number of strokes to build a pleasant lather, but even then, it is the end result that counts. I've been using some scritchier than average brushes of late, e.g. Provence Santé and AOS. Oddly enough, they have some fortes and some shortcomings.
Ron, my Omega's the boar bristles, can that be the reason? When I use it for a cream, (e g, Taylors) The lather is unbelievably rich, one skim in the tub, and I have enough for 3 passes and then some, but if I use this brush for whipping up a soap lather, it doesn't seem to do it quite as much. I want to try my Edwin Jagger brush tomorrow for a soap like Classics and see what happens. Thanks again! :smile:

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