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Been lurken a bit Ill say hey

The cigar board im a member at had a shaveing thread and im glad it did. I hated shaving. The razor burn, the ingrown hair ,the nasty gel. So now I have been shaving with a DE for about a month and loving it. I picked up a few items in a month. 1 38c , 1 48-59 ss, 1 z1 flare tip. Im loving the 38c the SS's not as much. Working my way through some cream samplers T&H, TOBS, E-shave. So far I love the smell of 1805 and the way the TOBS feel mabe they can get together and make a baby. Also working through blades and I like the crystles the most so far (I might have to do thiss again). I started out with a AOS pure and upgraded to a delong silvertip for $25.
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