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Be Careful How You Pack Your Shave Kit

Just got back from a trip and the way I packed my kit cost me a 90% full bottle of Arlington AS.

Before I left I picked up a nice vintage travel bag from ebay and packed my kit into it. It was perfect and everything fit in so nice and neatly. This picture shows a Mergress, but this incident actually happened with a 38c.


Well, during the course of the trip, my 18 moth old daughter got into the bathroom of the apartment we rented and knocked the bag off the small table where I kept it. It fell approx 18 cm to the floor. I heard something fall, went over picked up the bag, and put it back on the table. I didn't check inside the bag and left for a 3 hour dinner.

Got back that night, and i noticed the towel I placed the bag on had taken on the an outline the same color and shape of the leather of the bag. I though 'That's odd, did the finish come off due to water?"

Not exactly. The bag was a little wet. I wiped it off and took off more of the dye. Then I thought...."damn if the room does not smell of citrus."

Opened the bag and I found this:



The butt end of the 38c during the fall took off the bottom corner of the Harris bottle. The alcohol in the AS had eaten through the finish of the bag and the dye got everywhere.

Bad enough the leather of the bag was ruined, I don't really care about it. The labels on a few of the other things in the bag got ruined, but that's no big deal. I has happy the razor was fine and the extra blades I had were protected by their wax paper wrappers.

But losing the entire bottle of aftershave is the real pity here, for both the loss of the AS itself and the $$.

So, moral of the story: Be careful how you pack your shave kit when you travel. Keep the butt end of your razor away from any glass bottles.
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Sorry for the loss of your gear. While not earth shaking, its just the principal of the whole thing. Its a lesson well learned, and a good heads up for the rest of us. :cursing: :crying:
Today we mourn the loss of a bottle of Arlington.

Good news is, English Shaving Company has a free shipping promotion and excellent prices. Get a refill! And the cologne while you are at it!
Ahhh...the things I have lost over the years at the hands of my six children and now seven grand children. It's a good thing that I love them more than all that I have lost.

As repayment I hope to be placed in a very nice rest home some day. :laugh:
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