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Bathroom Water Geyser

I use hot water from Geyser to soak my brushes (All types).
Is the temperature ideal for brush soaking ? Will it damage my hairs (curling/hooking) ?
But a more serious answer- I don't know what your temp is, and that would be the pertinent info. Personally, the straight hot water at my house is about 140F. I tend to soak my brushes in water that would be comfortable for me to shower in. The main issue is the glue in the knot. I figure, if it wouldn't hurt me, it wont' hurt a brush
Since brushes are handmade items that vary (not to mention difference among various manufacturers), I don't believe there is an "ideal" temperature. Personally, I don't soak my brush in terribly hot water. My rule of thumb is if it is too hot for my face to handle then it is too hot for my brushes. Why take a chance?
Basic "rule of thumb"

If the water is too hot to comfortably put your hands into it is too hot for your brush.

I have a tankless hot water heater that is set to 118° this seems to be about the right temp (for me) as it is not uncomfortable to me to work with.


Loves a smelly brush
I prefer shaving with lukewarm to warm water over a hot lather. I also prefer a cold lather in the summer, and I use cold bottled water from the fridge when the weather is right around here. Love it. So I suppose I am not too concerned with my brushes getting damaged from hot water.
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