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Barberry Coast AS Havana Anyone?

Found this in the splash...sounds like a great scent;
The tobacco, patchouli, vanilla and cocoa bean sound inviting;
but many reviewers say it's weak and very subtle plus doesn't last long at all. Anyone have it and care to put their 2 cents in? (I DO have their Ascent and think it's amazing)
I'm interested also, but the expense has me hesitant. If I recall it was a larger bottle, more than 4 ozs.
but I'm not positive on that. I may also recall the reviews of the scent being weak and subtle but I'll
let those in the know here give us some feedback.
Yes, most said it was weak. I found perhaps one about the same and almost half the price.
Mickey Lee Soapworks Grand Havana AfterShave by MaggardRazors.
If they only had one (maybe they do) that smelled like 18.21 Man Made Body Wash, in AfterShave,
they'd have an instant winner. That stuff is so good, they'll probably make it illegal in 47 states; with strong waft of tobacco, dark honey and vanilla.
i succumbed to the Barberry Coast Havana aftershave balm.
for the relatively large expense, i found it to be somewhat disappointing.
weak scent and thin in the way of performance.

THanks Serimento, confirmed my suspicions. I ordered the sample 10ml
of Wanderlust Havana Tobacco and Mahogany instead.
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