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Bad cream shipment?

Today I received my order from RoyalShave; one Edwin Jagger DE89L and a tub of Coate's. The DE89L is just brilliant! Have no complaints about it, however I'm not sure about the state of the Coate's. First off, it looks as if the contents have shifted. I'm sure this normally doesn't cause any issues with the cream, however the surface has a look similar to plastic or maybe those old time candies. It is hard to describe. I snapped a picture and even though the quality of my camera phone isn't that great I was able to mostly capture how the surface looks. Should I be concerned?

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Looks fine to me but does it smell okay?
I would imagine it's fine but I'm only comparing it to other creams I know. I've no experience with this particular one.
Looks fine to me. I don't think it's unusually for the contents to shift and reset during shipping. Sometimes creams can also develop a slight waxy or oily sheen on the surface. I don't think it's anything to worry about. Give it a smell. If it smells OK, give it a try. If it lathers OK, you're set.
That looks fine to me. Cream will shift to one side of the tub like that if the tub as tipped on it's side for a time or just gotten bounced about in shipping. My TOBS Eaton was shifted to one side of the tub like that when I got it.

The sheen of the cream itself is different for each kind of cream. Some look shinier than others and some look duller than others. If it smells good and if it lathers well it's fine. If I opened that tub of cream I wouldn't think twice about it. I think you're good to go.
It smells fine, well great actually! :thumbup1: This is actually my first tub of cream as I normally use soaps. The only cream I have tried was a small sample tube of AoS. I guess the real test is to try it out right? :001_tongu
Looks just like the Coate's I had. It's a very nice consistency (on the dense side but not overly so), and it will lather very well. Hope it doesn't burn your skin though.
If the tub smells fine, it usually means the cream is fine to use. And just as others have said already, it is usual for creams to shift positions during any shipping transit due to the extreme shock the package receives when your local shipping carrier just "chucks" boxes left and right.
That's what I figured, its just how the surface of it looked that made me question it. I tried it out and it seems perfectly fine. Amazing scent by the way. Now to keep using it to see if my face can tolerate it. Thanks for all the quick responses!
You don't need much of that to make a mad face lather; just a few swirls with damp brush tips will get you going. At first, I felt a little burn while using it, but I had no irritation and I think the effect is medicinal. Now that I'm well-practiced with it, I actually squeeze out the brush after my last pass and use the leftover lather to wash my whole face. This cream has splendid cushion.
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