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B&B-SMF Goodwill Swap Box Tracking Info

Hello All,

Here is the long awaited shipping list for the Goodwill Swap Box:

1) razor_boy in Dallas TX
2) gage0921 in Kingwood TX
3) tigert in Houston TX
4) flyfoxx in Los Angeles CA
5) Jeftichew in Cupertino CA
6) Pauldog in St Paul MN
7) Hugo in Appleton WI
8) Rik in Portage WI
9) Tequilero79 in Elgin IL
10) ponyplayer in Pittsburgh PA
11) YS in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
12) Scotto in Hopewell Junction NY
13) robofunk in Bronxville NY
14) SurfFisherman in New York NY
15) slaneyg in Burlington NJ
16) Sandyclaws in Fredericksburg VA
17) AACJ in Midlothian VA
18) roberev in Midlothian VA
19) PoshRichM in Birmingham AL
20) Sam in Memphis TN
21) beerman in West Columbia SC
22) caseys101 in Houston TX
23) Coche_y_bondhu in Plano TX

Razor_boy in Dallas will have the box in his hands tomorrow evening, Monday, between 6-700pm. From Texas, the box is going all the way to California, then on to the Great Lakes area, to Canada, the Northeast, and will make its way through the Southeast back to Texas.

Please post on this thread when you receive the box, when you ship out the box and to whom.

The journey has begun! Enjoy!


Launch & Recovery Site, Plano TX
Hello All,

Razor_boy in Dallas has the box and has opened it by all recent reports!

Stay tuned for the next stop!

Cheers, y'all
North TX Tracking Center
still in TX? Trying to guestimate when it might be getting to these neck of the woods...

How long does it usually take for the box to make its full trip?
Jeftichew said:
still in TX? Trying to guestimate when it might be getting to these neck of the woods...

How long does it usually take for the box to make its full trip?

Well im 2nd on the list and I have not received it yet so...............yes its still in TX.
Hello All,

The last box had 6 participants and took three weeks. This time around we have 21 people, so .....

I am sure razor_boy should be sending it out soon to Houston.

Plano Launch Control
Hello Everyone on the Swap Box List,

I have sent PMs on 3 Sep to Paul (razor_boy) on each forum, and both PMs show "unread". I also called Paul on his cellphone twice and had to leave a voicemail twice. No callback as of this morning.

I believe there is a life circumstance perhaps beyond Paul's control which has precluded him to deal with the box. I have also noticed he has not been on either forum since he posted that he got the box on 30 Aug.

I visited with Paul for about an hour when I dropped off the box. He is a fine, enthusiastic gent with a passion for wetshaving like the rest of us.

In my last message to Paul, I told him I could drop by his house and pick up the box if he needed me to. Waiting for a reply.

I am sure Paul will do what's right; we just don't know all the facts.

Stay tuned. And thank you all for your patience.

On Hold In TX
Woohoooo............Its here.....Its here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And let me tell ya gentleman....actually I wont :001_tt2: Ill have this out tommorow.
While I painfully wait for the box to reach Central Virginia, I went to the local Salvation Army store looking for a few new (to me) shave mugs for shave soaps, I saw some small bottles of Glycerine. I realize that Glycerine is one of the favored ingredients in a shaving products but what would a bottle of 100% Glycerine do for anyone?
They are only .25 cents each and I was thinking of buying a bunch and putting them in the swap box.

Any thoughts?

I usually just add a little drizzle of liquid glycerin to witch hazel, a squirt of aloe gel, and three drops of tea tree EO to an atomizer and use it as a toner. There are days in the summer when I can use only this to moisturize, but I normally just apply a little bit of moisturizer when my face is drenched with the toner. It helps to spread it out evenly with out using too much.


Thanks for the info Schubert.

By the way, who has the box now? I am going to buy up all the glycerine they have and send it to the current or next person so everyone after them will have a chance to get one or two.
Tigert and I were supposed to have met up over the weekend but no luck so the box is being shipped out to him today.
Hello All,

Tigert in Houston has the box now and will be sending it out to flyfoxx in LA next. Flyfoxx should get it early next week.

Stay tuned!

Dispatch Central, Plano TX
Hi, Gent;

I can't wait :smile: I've been collecting things for a few weeks now. Hopefully, these items just might make someone's day. :wink:

Regards, Greg
Hello Participants,

The swap box has left Texas and is on its way to flyfoxx in LA. Let us know when it arrives and when you ship to Jeftichew in Cupertino.

Have fun!

Plano TX Dispatch Central
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