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B&B DVD - Ready to Rock and Roll....

Alright fellas, it's complete and ready to rock and roll!

It has 5 sections...
1.) Straight Razor Shaving
2.) Product Reviews
3.) Shaving Soaps
4.) Method Shaving
5.) Hot Pot Method

It is over 1 hour long total. Please keep in mind, it is NOT a professional video, the camera is not incredibly smooth when zooming in, there are a few abrupt endings, etc etc - but it has a WEALTH of fantastic information and has some outstanding examples. I have only seen a few shaving videos, but thus far in my opinion this one is packed with the most info, and will be most helpful.

Now onto the price.... We had to purchase some Adobe Software to edit the video, purchase a DVD burner (not very expensive) pay for the DVD's, shipping, etc etc - we have tried to put down all of our costs, and divide them by the estimated number of DVD's we will sell in order to attain our actual cost (with shipping) to be around $6. (We are using high quality DVD's so as to make sure they will work with all DVD players, and are shipping them via USPS. We have not researched packaging, etc so we are just hoping it is as inexpensive as we think :wink: ) We are thinking that they will be sold for $7 to B&B members, and $8 to non-B&B members. ALL proceeds from this DVD (100%) can/will be accounted for upon request, and we plan on taking 100% of those proceeds and putting them towards the website.

Sound reasonable to everyone?

Who is interested in purchasing a DVD? (Paypal/money order)

Thanks fellas!
Cool cool fellas! I'll try to get ahold of Nick and we an start getting these movin'!
Howdy Fellas,

Hopefully I can answer a few questions, and give some details:

Payment will be via Paypal. I personally detest them.... But they're pretty much the only game in town. Because they're so detestable, it's understandable if you don't want to use them, so you'll be able to PM me or Joel if you want an address to send a money order. Joel and I have been doing the phone/pm/email tag game, so hopefully we'll have an email address for where you can send the 7 bucks (8 for non-members) later today.

I have to head to Santa Cruz today, and won't be back until Sunday, so any orders placed over the weekend will be shipped Monday.

I also want to mention, this isn't a B&B fundraiser (it just so happens to benefit the site). This site is paid up for quite a while, so its fate in no way hinges on the DVD. The purpose of the DVD is to help give people some instruction and guidance with regards to the world of wetshaving. As it is, the DVD will likely pull in a few (modest) bucks, so it's only fitting that any profit it raises be placed 100% back into the site to help implement new features to benefit all of us members.

A few months ago when this was first shot, Joel pointed out to me the lack of any legitimate, instructional shaving videos. We had joked about a DVD in the past, and since we like to antagonize each other, we basically bullied ourselves into creating this thing. As such, it's not professional in the sense that it's obviously an amateur production. In fact, the tripod creak drove both me and Joel mad, but as Joel mentioned, it really does contain a lot of quality information, and even though this isn't a hollywood production, I feel you'll consider it well worth the 7/8 bucks (shipped).

For anyone who wants to see an example, you can go here and see some screenshots, and a clip from the shaving soap section. The video quality on the dvd is better than that given the need to compress it for the web. The DVDs are also designed to work in both set top players, and computers.


It was kind of interesting back in the beginnings. When they reached 300 members, the conversations, subjects, etc. Yes there was a used blade thread back then as well. Somebody should burn some of these dvd's and sell them. Probably be pretty interesting.
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