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B&B Carnival Contributor's Raffle Winner


Step right up, we have an announcement to make!

As a special thank you for supporting B&B, we ran a Raffle for Contributors only.

Sponsored by our good friends at:


Prize is 1 set of the following~

3-assorted body bars
1-bottle shampoo
1-bottle body wash
1-full-size signature shave cream
1-full-size replenishing shave cream

And the winner is....

Drumroll please...

You guys feel the tension?


Lucky #18 it is!

A big thanks to all who participated and to Nancy Boy for putting together a great prize package!


Winner brought to you by random.org.
Congrats Sabledog! Now if only you had some Feathers lying around to make good use of that NB shave cream... :smile:

YAY! How cool!

I already told her I won a raffle, so that's at least one "Get a Parcel Free" card :lol:

I'll post the prize when it comes in!

THanks everybody involved, especially Nancy Boy, which I have yet to try!
And I DO have Feathers sitting around waiting to be used. :thumbup1:
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