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August 18 Release

Sorry, I'm closed fir holiday, can't see those beauties...:)

Good luck with the house move... we did it two years ago..it was a visit to hell...grrr


Ken, with all due respect, you need to find a way to even the playing field. There's no way, in now seven consecutive releases, to get to the final click of the mouse to complete the sale in about 5 seconds, only to discover someone else managed to do it faster unless somehow some people have found a way to game the system.

Today, I even had my wife go after a brush I wanted just to give me a better chance at getting one and her experience was the same as mine. At five seconds, you are not fast enough.

It's getting to the point to be honest when I'm starting to ask myself whether it's even worth it trying to buy one of your brushes when they are dropped.

It probably doesn't matter to you who buys your brushes as long as they sell well and fast but perhaps it should. If legitimate buyers keep getting blocked out by those who I'm sure have found a way to game the system and thus gained a speed advantage, then legitimate buyers will abandon ship and look to alternatives. And if one day, those who get front of the line access today decide that they've had enough of your brushes and stop buying, the legitimate buyers that are getting blocked today will be missed.

At any rate, this is something that needs to be addressed because I don't believe in coincidences. Seven times at about 5 seconds being too slow is a bit too much to accept as normal.

With all respect.


With all due respect, here's some ideas for you Ken:

1. Allow 30 seconds for the transaction to be completed once someone places the brush in their cart. I'm not tech savvy enough to figure out how some people have found a way to fast track their transactions but whatever is taking place I'm certain is at the payment stage, not the brush selection stage. We're all equal up to that point.

2. Sell your brushes via an auction format. Let those who are prepared to pay more for a brush have a chance at acquiring what they want regardless of how fast they can execute the transaction.

This approach touches on another point I'd like to make. Your brushes are underpriced. If you can sell 30 brushes in less than 60 seconds, with some people unable to even get one, it means that the demand for your product far exceeds the supply. You should try to find an equilibrium between demand and supply and in your case that's through raising prices. It also maximizes your profitability and enhances the customer perception that they are buying a premium product.

3. Establish a system where people who were willing buyers of a brush at one of your drops, but lost out to someone faster, to order that specific brush immediately after the brush sells out. The customer may end up waiting several weeks for delivery but at least they can eventually get what they want without being constantly blocked out. I'm not talking about customized brushes here, similar to what some other suppliers offer, but rather the ordering of the identical design/resin combination that was offered at the drop.

Respectfully again, these are my thoughts, I hope you find some merit in them.