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AS that smells like Musgo Real?

Are there any out there? Musgo has become my favourite scent, I want to bathe in it. But I only have a 30ml bottle from a white box I found, and now that they are sold out it looks like you can't get Musgo splash at all in Australia. As we know it's hard to get alcohol products shipped overseas. So, is there anything that smells the same or very similar out there?
Thank you for the recommendation, but that looks like it would be even harder to find in Australia than Musgo.

Is the Musgo classic scent just really unique?
You may want to hold off as the lack of availability may be due to the fact that they are coming out with the Classic in Eau de Cologne

From the site, I cant fint the Classic A/S anymore but see the EDC. They have revamped and "modernized" their line. They may have simplified everything to shaving gream/EDC and eliminating a few of the scents
Thanks for the feedback, it's good to know I have gifts and care as an option for overseas shipping. Perhaps it's time to make Clubman vanilla my first Pinaud purchase, see what all the fuss is about.

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