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As Per Ron's Request.... Pics of the custom Handled Ivory Straights...

These were Expertly hand made by Mike Thomson out of exibition grade pre-ban Elephant ivory, both have Black Ebony wood spacers. Mike is a scholar and a gentleman!!










guenron said:
Very, very nice.. Thanks! :drool:
You realize that Kokopelli is the American Indian God of Giving Razors to Ron? Right? :ihih:
Huh? What's that gesture mean?? :nono:

:ciappa: A little payback in honor of one of our B&B Brothers who fell victim to some "Oakie ***" :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
Nice looking handles Joel, I had him do up a W&B chopper for me in maple burl, which is also quite nice looking. (The original horn scales were shot) has anyone heard from Mike recently? I know he was having some health issues, but hopefully some of those have improved...
John P
Last I heard, Mike was working for Paypal or Ebay. He is very busy with finishing his education, his family, and his job, and has no time for making custom handles anymore. He got in over his head by accepting all orders, and it just overwhelmed him with the other things going on in his life. I do believe he had carpal tunnel syndrome, also.
I remembered him saying something about that, but haven't heard from him since then.
Hope he's doing well.
John P.
Bump! For the glory day's sake! Been up too late studying for an accounting exam involving consolidations and upstream bond extinguishment. Needed some distraction. Man, gotta get me a straight!
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