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Artisan Aftershaves.

Seeking some advice, direction on what to try next. I really enjoy aftershaves that leave my face feeling toned and soft to the touch. Fragrance is nice, I don't want to stink, but that's not the main factor if I like an aftershave or not. I do like traditional old man aftershaves, my go too is Old Spice, AquaVelva Blue and Musk, & Brute. I love the Barbershop scent and feel of the Clubman aftershaves and I keep a Jug of Floid on the counter (my daily driver at the moment).

I have been searching for an artisan or non big box aftershave for a while and I find every one I try very underwhelming. What I have tried from Fine, Stirling & PAA. I find them is weak scented aftershaves with not enough cooling, soothing or firming effect. The one exception being Barrister and Mann Spice. It's darn sure not weak, but I get nothing out of it as for as face feel after. I want to support the businesses keeping wet shaving alive, but I am not wasting any more money on product I feel suck. I have Doctored but a few with Glycerin and Menthol to make them enjoyable, as to not waste them.

I would like to try Myrsol but there are so many, any of you have any advice where to start? I guess you can say I prefer that barber shop smell and powdery feel. I know I can just use a balm, but that's not what I want. I am looking for something that leaves my face feeling like Clubman or Floid.
As far as Myrsol is concerned, I suggest to start with Myrsol F/Extra and Myrsol Balsamic.

The latter has some herbal (rosemary) component that makes it rather unique, the former is more along the lines of Floïd and has that old barbershop scent.

Instead of Myrsol F/Extra, you could pick Myrsol Antesol, or Myrsol Metisol that contains some alum potassium and thyme extract which helps in case of minor cuts or irritations. These three after shaves have somewhat similar scent profiles, so picking one of them plus Myrsol Balsamic might be a good start.

Antesol has the best face feel of any aftershave I have used, including Speick and Floïd.

F./Extra is lighter, and a traditional powdery barbershop scent. Agua Balsamica is similarly light, with a delightful herbal scent.

You won't regret owning any of them.
I think any of the Myrsol would be satisfying -- F/Extra and Blue are definitely powdery barbershop, but the skin feel of Plastic Shave takes the cake for me. Maggards has samples that are an affordable way to try Myrsol
Floid is a good one. Proraso green maybe. Since you liked B&M Reserve Spice, you might like Reserve Cool. A decent copy of Floid Blue, but a bit stronger. Just make sure you shake it before each use.
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