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Art of Shaving: Boston

So the AOS site says they are opening a shop at Copley Place in Boston. I called today and they said it would be open in late August. Unfortunately I'll be gone by then to Madison. However, I thought I'd share with the other bostonians here on the board.

If you guys know of a good place in boston to get a shave please let me know. I'd like to get a pro shave experience.
That's interesting. I used some samples I got from AOS -- facial wash & moisturizer last night, and shampoo, conditioner and gel this morning. I could not use the shave sample as it was unscented... I just didn't see the point :biggrin: However, the products seem good and I'll be sure to visit the AOS store when it opens.

I recently read an article about State Street Barbers:


on Washington St. in Boston... I believe they do the straight routine.

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