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Arko Creams

While in Pasteurs recently buying some stuff to give to my brother in law I picked up some Arko Shaving cream "Extra Fresh".

I've used the soap and loved it's performance and I have to say I'm well impressed with the cream. Nice scent and great lather!

It has a nice cooling effect which is great for the current weather too.

At around $3 per tube, I would definately buy it again.
They are good value for the money anf work well.

Thr downside:
- scent is very synthetiv
- they leave my face fairly dry
I like how it lathers, can handle the scent, but for some reason it irritates me a fair bit. I tried three different varieties, so I reckon there's something in the ingredients my face don't like. Derby on the other hand doesn't irritate me, and is almost the same cream.
I ended up with some Arko cream in a trade - Moist - and I think it's decent. Thinner lather compared to Proraso, which costs about the same $0.05/oz (shopping on Amazon Prime). But a better scent than the Arko stick and the light menthol is nice. For $3, it's a bargain!
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