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Are supermax blades underrated???

Super platinum is little better...but yeah theyre similar.I like all supermax blades,never had any problems with them .
SuperMax Blue Diamond Platinum are right up there with my top blades. Sharp, not quite as sharp as a Feather, but more durable. I like my Feathers, but SuperMax are my most cost-effective blades. Based on a trial tuck of Polsilver, SuperMax wins on both performance and price.
Got some recently too, and I was impressed with the smooth shave for the price. I'll buy them again.


Been awhile since I used one (so take this with at least a grain of salt). As I recall, the SuperMax options I tried were all solid mid-tier blades for me!!
SuperMax Blue Diamond Platinum blades are inexpensive when purchased in bulk. I find them to be both sharp and smooth. They are among my favorite blades.
I used Supermax for a couple of years - they were available in a budget chain in the UK around 2010-2012. To be honest I am not sure what variant they were. I thought they were really great! I only stopped using them as I eventually bought a sample pack online and found Astra SP to be my all-time favourite.
C'mon - they're made in India - how good can they be? Looking into it further, they claim to be the World's Largest manufacturer of blades.
I bought a couple of packs just to see if they were any good. I'll buy more in the future - they're greatly underrated & serious competition to some of my current favorite blades.
I was checking razorbladesclub and there so many, can you guys tell me which one is the best ?


which ones are the best ?
No mistake with supermax,from good to excellent...sometimes first shave is little tuggy but they smooth out and are good for 5,6 shaves for sure.Super platinum in agressive razor is amazing.
Connaught used to have the Super Max Blue Diamond Titaniums for crazy cheap prices. The last time I went out there they were gone. Glad I grabbed 300 last year :)
All supermax blades i tried are from pretty good to excellent,and last as long or longer than most popular blades here on forum.They also perform way better . All comments welcome!
I suppose that it depends upon which Supermax blades your talking about. Some are great, others are just OK, IMO.
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