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Apps for phones/tablets

Does anyone know of any shaving related apps for smart cell phones/tablets?
I found a CO Bigelow app but was disappointed with it.:cursing:


Needs milk and a bidet!
theres a game on iOS where you shave a face with your finger. its fun for about 5 seconds, then its like 'what the heck am i doing' which is when it gets deleted. good thing its free. i haven't seen anything informative yet.
A place to sell shaving soap/cream, blades, razors (new and old) anything shave related. On line ordering, videos, etc. lots of potential. searching for shops that have shaving products in a mall, city being visited, etc.
I'm using B&B on my iPhone right now. Best shaving app there is, and has everything you listed.

...just turn off the horrible mobile skin.
There is an iOS, and Android app called Shave Me!

You get your choice of Mach 3, Straight Razor, Electric, or Wax Strips to shave with. You can also pull out individual hairs with tweezers, and apply shaving cream to your face before shaving. In addition, you can fix shaving boo boos by applying little bits of toilet paper to your face.

I have yet to figure out how to shave with the Straight Razor without cutting myself. I don't think it's possible. Oddly enough, it's even possible to cut yourself with the electric, and if you get overzealous with the Tweezers!!

I have it on an iPhone, and used to have it on an Android phone. When I had it installed on Android about a year ago, it was quite buggy, but they have probably fixed the issue since then.
Their aren't any dedicated apps per se for either IOS or Android. But mobile apps like uncrate or valetmag have good articles about shaving accesssories from time to time.
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