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How many people really shave that close to your eyes and all the way down your neck?

i have to be carefull, coz i keep feeling im going up the more i shave and going down my neck. dont want to become an apeman with hair all over my face, then i'll have to shave my whole face :biggrin:
I go fairly high on my cheeks, similar to that photo. The only reason being in the past when I didn't I found that on each cheek I have a single stray hair that grows all by itself rather high on the cheek. So, I just shave up there whether I see that hair coming in or not to keep that hair from going in without my noticing.
hmm, because i dont want to become an apeman (you know how it looks when you have stubble all over your face) and keep using a razor makes it grow more fast and more thick like on the cheeks, i use the electric beard trimmer to take out those stray hairs. I dont think i want a beard/stubble way upto my eyes, havent seen many people with stubble right up there yet.
Actually the University of Arkansas Medical site has a page of medical myths and the truth behind the myth...

Myth: Shaving hair causes it to grow back faster, darker and coarser.

Reality: Shaving does not cause hair to grow back faster, darker or coarser. “Shaving is just a method of cutting the hair at the skin surface and has no effect on the part of the hair shaft below the skin surface, which is where growth and pigmentation occur,” says Hoskyn. “Although the hair may seem to grow faster after shaving, this is just an illusion: a small amount of growth on a clean-shaven face is much more noticeable than a small amount of growth on a bearded face. Likewise, the blunt, stubbly ends of new growth can give the illusion of darker, coarser hair.”
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