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AOS Pure Badger

I have one in black. Not my favorite. but it is a badger brush and it does work. It was the brush I bought when I upgraded from my old Surrey boar (RIP). I would try to perfect my technique first. But I have found that the Omega Pure Badger is a better brush. Whether or not you replace the knot will be up to you. And from what I've read, you'd probably have a better brush.
I also have an AOS pure with a black handle, I have had it for 2 1/2 yrs now while it is no where near as soft as my silvertips it is no slouch making lather in fact with some soaps it out performs them as it is stiffer and occasionally I like the scratchy feeling that it provides for a change. There are better brushes out there and cheaper but that is a good brush it should work fine.
I have one. I have no problems whatsoever with lather, but I found it rather floppy and pretty big for the size of my face.
It was the brush that I started out with. Used it exclusively for three years with AoS lavender cream and a fusion before making the DE jump at the beginning of this year.

It's a good brush that I still use once or twice a week. Unless you have faulty one, I wouldn't re-knot it.
I started out with the starter brush from the $25 kit from AOS. I just bought this brush in black (in the $100 kit) and I think it is a lot better at making a lather. Then again it is kind of like comparing a tooth brush to a scrub brush for scrubbing floors.

I bought the $100 kit becuase of the $25 off coupon that came with the starter kit plus the fact that I would have spent nearly the same price for just another tub of cream and the brush.
About a year ago I received the following brush:


I am finding it really hard to create a great lather. Wondering if anyone else has an opinions on this brush. Should I upgrade, or should I try to perfect my technique.

Also wondering how hard it would be to replace the knot if I purchased one off of the golden nib website

I know this threads old as hell, but I've spent the last year making incredible slick lather with a cheapo AoS genuine badger. I also have the Pure badger.

It might not be as easy, but 30 seconds in a mug and 15 on the face and it'll do. I was primarily using cream though.
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