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Anyone tried Antica Barbieria Colla ?

Like this one
Antica Barbieria Colla Apricot Hull Aftershave Balm

I wonder how is it, how the smell, how good is it after the shave (or during the day), and what do you think of it overall? (and how thick/thin it is)

And do you think it is worth the high price?
It's my top AS balm. It smells really nice. It's pretty thick.
It is not work the $85 USD.

I used to pick it up at places like the below for a more reasonable price like $65 shipped.

Now the English Shaving company wants more money (71) but more importantly it's always sold out.
I am wondering if the pandemic has affected the discounted availability of this after shave.
At $65 it's hard to justify. At $85, not possible for me to justify.

I use Speick and PDP 63 balm for now.


ABC apricot hull balm is nice, but after a few years, mine turned green and i had to ditch it.
despite storage in a dark, cool closet.

abc balm green.jpg
ABC as has always been on my sought after list. Generally speaking, the hull is thicker and for winter months while the milk is supposed to be more of a daily driver. I have dry skin, so they all work well for me.

It is a lot of cheddar, I agree. When I get to this price point I usually order Susanne Kaufmann AS instead because I am looking for real healing stuff.

The almond milk is next on my list though. Cella splash is similar in scent, which I like a lot.

Owen Bawn

"Ask me about a fluffernutter"
I've had samples and I've really liked it. I bought a bottle of their green tobacco milk a few years ago and used it daily for several months. My skin never felt better. Terrific scent as well. I remember it 'only' cost $55 from a site called Gents. No idea if they still carry ABC products or what they might charge now.
I went through a few samples of the green tobacco milk years ago, and I loved it. The smell was fantastic and it performed very well. I do not see myself ever buying a full bottle as it is not worth the asking price IMO.
I‘ve got 3 of them, the Apricot Hull, Tobacco Verde, and the Almond balm. Performance of all of them is excellent, scents are light. These are not ‘in your face scents’.

The almond balm is classic and pairs well with any almond type soap like Celaa, 3P, Vitos, or yes, even ABC.

The tobacco verde is not a typical tobacco scent, it’s the scent of the green leaf/flower, quite delicate.

The Apricot Hull is a heavier balm, if you over do this one, you’ll get a greasy feeling. The scent is light, and the performance is good especially in cold or dry weather. If you want to save bucks, Myrsol Emulsion performs almost identically to Apricot Hull and has a touch of menthol if you like that.

I want to try the Red Sandalwood, but haven’t done it yet.
The price is outrageous, as if regular priced balms and aftershaves are not already marked up enough? If you have money to throw on a bonfire, this product is for you.
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I found that the almond aftershave milk always stung my face when using. I have the green tobacco milk and rarely use it anymore.
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