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Anyone know of a stand for a Kamisori razor?

Just curious for the members out there, what do you guys use to store your kamisori straights? I have a friend who uses one, and he just lays it in the thin wooden box that it came in. He has a Iwasaki Kamisori 1. I was wondering if any of you guys no of any types of stands that the razor could sit in but also keep the edge covered. Hoping someone can give me some ideas or point me in the right direction to get one or have one made, and it would need to be done soon as this would be his xmas present.

There are some very clever ones out there - one made with a piece of driftwood that looks ultra cool. Most that I've seen that I thought were nice were homemade. Here is one I cobbled up in 30 minutes or so:


Here is one that ended up as a group project during a passaround although Mike H did the most of it. It is a pine case with a cutout that allows the blade to float free.


You can also use the plastic spine from a school binder to hold them. This is what I use the most.



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Nice ideas, especially the school report binder morphing into a blade protector. I might even be able to pull that one off myself :biggrin1:
I made mine.

That is the one that I was referring to. Very cool. Unfortunately, my bathroom area is space challenged so I have resorted to simpler stands (essentially just blade guards). Your (Legion's) stand is very nice and would serve as a display all by itself.
I made one based on a design I saw used by Brian Brown :


It is said immitation is the best form of flattery :001_cool:
Nice, I realize this is a super old thread, but lets resurrect it and see what others have come up with in the past nine years :)
I am still searching for a decent kamisori stand to use both at home and when travelling. In the meanwhile I use a miniature bulldog clip clamped on the end of the handle with the finger grips resting on the surface as the support and with the blade edge facing upwards - keeps them very stable.