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anyone experiencing delays in shipping from UK

I've recently ordered musical cd's from a couple of online vendors that are based in the UK and have noticed that it's been three weeks and still have not received them.

Now I know of the blizzard issues they have been having out there and also here in the east coast recently have caused delays, but I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this much of a delay?

It could be that I'm impatient since I ordered from several different UK sources around the same time so I'm thinking it's just the weather or maybe customs holding all of this up.

I've heard that the Royal Mail have a backlog of larger parcels within the UK, I don't know if that has a knock-on effect on international shipments.

Small parcels like CDs should be OK though.
We have some members still waiting on shaving items from the UK. They were ordered in late November, and that particular vendor was getting things out the door in 2-3 days. Customs, security, weather--who knows. If this is going to become the new norm, however, I can see British merchants losing out on some future orders to the U.S.
Great.... I just ordered some things from the UK. Guess I shouldnt get my hopes up that they magicly get here fast. :thumbdown
I got a email from a English vendor saying the US Customs service held up their shipments most of Dec 2010.
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