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Anyone else use Stetson?? Like it?

Hi gang, i was wondering if any one else uses/likes Stetson?
I got some a little while ago for the first time. I have to say, i like it!
It has a muskiness to it (like English leather), BUT has a bit of a baby-powderness to it that i like.
I'm pleasantly surprised.
Anyone else like it?
I have it. It is iconic and should be in every man's fragrance cabinet.

But I use it less now, having replaced it's powdery goodness with Stetson's predecessors: Royal Copenhagen and Avon Black Suede.
I wear it in spring, fall, winter. Too cloying for summer. Nice sweet spicy honey floral. A good casual scent that is a classic.
So far my only experience with Stetson is using their Cooling Moisture aftershave, very light scent and average to mediocre face feel for me. Overall a disappointment. I do plan on buying the fragrance itself in the future and expect that to be better.


My only fragrance for more than 34 years. The fragrance my Lovely Bride prefers on me. :)

Then I found B&B and have been experimenting (a lot) over the last 10 or so months. However, Stetson is still the one I wear when we have "Date Night". :)

I use the Cologne over either the regular AS or the Cooling and Moisturizing AS.

Good stuff - in my opinion. :)
It is a good quality fragrance. There is nothing wrong with old fragrances that remain true to their origins (no reformulation). I hold on to many old fragrances that have come down in price for no other reason than they are no longer the a new release and therefore sought after by the mass market. Some of my favorites include Eternity, Stetson, Obsession, Original Armani (1984), Aramis etc.. Espescially the ones that continue to manufacture an accompanying aftershave.
I do and I like it. While in university my daughter worked part time in a drug store. I told her I liked it when she got it for me for Christmas. I got it for the next two Christmases as well. I will never run out. Bless her. got the soap on the rope too.
Stetson is a classic scent. I have a massive bottle that grandma gave me some years back and still use it on occasion. Have recently been experimenting a bit more with EDT's and Stetson has fairly decent longevity.


I have tried the current version and a couple different vintage versions that I bought off eBay, and I find them all to be pretty good. It’s not my favorite but I like it.
It's in my short rotation, and I like it, though not as much as some others. Someone said they were told it makes them smell like a Dad...that's good. Truth in advertising...my five kids and eight grandkids mean I am, in fact, a Dad!


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I use it when I can get it living in the UK I did have 2 8oz bottles but they have now gone, and I got one 4oz bottle left and when its gone it's gone for me as shipping is way too high.

But yes I love it last all-day on me
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