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Anybody have, or willing to post, any pics of an Apollo Mikron in its original state?

I just picked up a Mikron off ebay for $22.50


It has the original travell case, two blade safe/dispensors, a few Apollo blades, the original instructionsctions, and of course the razor itself which, from the pics, looks minty.

I'm pretty psyched about my haul except fro the fact that it seems like somebody at some point may have tried to "refurbish" the head by throwing on some colour.

If it's indeed an amateur paint job -no sweat: I'll just give a 24 hour bath in some Simple Green, rinse in under some hot water to get the greater part of the paint off, go at it with a tooth brush, and finish up the detailing with wooden toothpicks.

It's a technique I use to strip miniature figurines from wargaming and it works wonders without creating any noxious fumes, or damaging the material-- even plastic.
Here is a gold Mikron. Notice that the etching on the cap is highlighted.



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