Any Tondeo TM users?

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    Any dedicated Tondeo TM shavers on this board that would like to share their thoughts and experience with this razor?
  1. I started a similar thread some time ago but this razor is not quite popular.

    However, the only feedback on this razor is very popular:

    I also found some favourable opinions on a german shaving forum so I guess it is very good, just not as well known on this forum.

    I currently have no desire to acquire another razor but if I were to buy another straight next to my CJB, it would be this one.
  2. Thanks JDTTO.
    I read your post some time ago and I was also surprised this razor is not popular. The only drawback I can see is the fact that you need Tondeo blades. This razor made for regular DE blade would be a hit, I guess.
  3. I think the blades being a bit thicker than DE blades is a big plus for the shaving comfort.

    Not that I have ever handled a shavette with a DE blade.
  4. I have one, I have used it a few times. I would like to compare it to an Orca S or Jaguar JT2. I only have a standard Orca. I previously used a Dovo Shavette with a cabinet blade.
    I like the design, being all metal and not plastic/aluminum.
  5. As far as I know the Tondeo TM is made of aluminum, and by the way, aluminum is a metal.

    Thanks for your comment. Is your Tondeo of newer manufacture? The older ones have a smooth tang but newer have ridges.
    There was a review (Amazon video review) that showed a Tondeo TM loaded with a blade that was wobbly in the holder. The video showed the gap and the noise the blade was making, and the reviewer noticed hair getting caught in the gap.

    Does your Tondeo hold the blade tight so there is no gap?
  6. $Shavette.jpg

    I am aware that aluminum is a metal :001_smile. Although not being a metallurgist I wouldn't know whether the TM is made of stainless steel, aluminum or an alloy. What I meant was that the TM handle is made of full metal not bent aluminum with a plastic inner as attached photo displays with the Jaguar Orca, or JT1, RM, Dovo Shavette, Sanguine Coolblade 2 or most generic sifter clones. I appear to have ridges as in the attached photo. The blade is secure within the handle.
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  7. Do you have a link to the video? I have found only a written review....
  8. I don't have a link. There is very little feedback regarding this razor.
  9. Interesting looking shavettes, I've never seen them before.
  10. Thanks for the photo Sabre. Can I ask for some close-ups of the innards? There aren't many, actually I couldn't find any pictures of the modern Tondeo that would show the holder disassembled.
  11. $TM.jpg

    There you go. I have added the TCR/Tondeo Cabinet, Jaguar JT2, and a standard double edge razor blades for comparison.
  12. Thank you very much!
    Do you use your Tondeo?
    I am preparing for a Replaceable Blade Straight Razor year 2014 and Tondeo TM is on my list. I think it has the best value in the RBSR family but I am concerned about the latch system, blade holder clearance, blade availability and cost, etc.
    I owned several DOVO Shavette razors (shaved with the first one only and returned others) and I am very disappointed, so much that I will not try them again.
    The Jaguar's Orca looks much better built. The ones I have seen (Orca that is) have a stainless steel holder, not aluminum. So, I might include one in my RBSR collection.

    So far I have Feather AC SS and Bluebeards Revenge. Tomorrow I shall receive three Vanta razors, the RA111, RA112 and RA112C.

    The TCR blade looks very similar to a regular DE blade. Can you measure the TCR? It looks to me that Tondeo TM could be modified to accommodate a regular DE blade if the overall dimensions of the blades are the same.

    One RBSR that I am looking for is the DOVO Rasette, also seen as Tennis Rasette. Hope to find one soon.
  13. Looking at your TM, it seems they are not made of aluminum anymore. Could it be plated Zinc alloy?
  14. I have no idea about metals, but it does seem to be an alloy rather than the stainless steel often mentioned - as in the amazon review you mentioned.
  15. I have used the Tondeo maybe once or twice. I acquired a CJB, so that has been my shavette of choice recently. The official measurement of the TCR is 40mm, the JT2 is 39.4mm. I don't believe there is an official DE length. I don't believe a DE will fit, there is a noticeable height difference. Out of curiosity I tried the JT2, but it felt as if it would jam the mechanism so I stopped.
  16. Five years later I just acquired a Tondeo TM and shaved with it this morning.
    It looks a lot like the Dovo Shavette and Cabinet Blade Sifters but the head is much heavier and more substantial so it feels a lot better in the hand.
    The head has a curved profile and there are stops at either end of the blade to stop it digging in so the angle is intuitive and it gives a very smooth easy shave.

    The TM takes the proprietary Tondeo TCR blades which are basically shorter cabinet blades.
    Here in UK a pack of 10 blades is about £6 - you snap the blades in half to use them so that’s 20 edges which means these blades are about half the price of Artist Club and injector blades.
    The edge is 40mm long as opposed to (Artist Club is 50mm, DE/Injector/Gem is 38mm) and the blade is thick and rigid.

    On the first shave the blade was phenomenally sharp - easily as sharp as Artist Club - and because it’s so rigid this felt like an AC or injector shave too.
    I find the Sifter style scales a bit insubstantial but on the Tondeo they are actually quite sturdy.

    I’m really impressed with this shavette.
    Good balance, great geometry and spectacular blades - it’s a winner!
  17. Second shave with the TM this morning and I really really like it.
    The TM weighs more than twice as much as the Dovo Shavette which is a good thing.

    And the convex head profile makes for very smooth comfortable and intuitive shaving.

    It’s also a very smart and long lasting shave which will be ideal for my 12hour shift at work today. EA553D22-821C-4E8D-A3E2-FE195349163B.jpeg

    Ha ha - this is one of those new razors that comes out of nowhere just when you think your RAD is done and I like it very very much.
  18. So 9 shaves on I’m still very impressed with the Tondeo TM and the TCR blade.
    A very manouverable razor with excellent head geometry.
    The shave is smart and long lasting and the blades are brilliant too.

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