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Any SAK fans?

Anyone else out there love their Swiss Army Knife (SAK)?? I have a couple (ok, more than that). My favorite is one that I bought almost 30 years ago. Still works like a charm and I take it on all of my camping, hiking and traveling adventures. It is the old Camper, with two blades, scissors, a saw and the usual can opener,etc.
I have one that was a birthday present from my ex girlfriend.

I take it with me everywhere, and ABUSE the crap out of it. The screwdrivers get used as prybars, the main blade as an ice scraper, Ice pick, box knife, and sometimes prybar, the little blade is my main tool for scoring acrylic sheets.

It's taken a beating because I don't care if I break it, but after 5 years of constant abuse, I only have one little chip out of the scales, and it's covered in scratches. The poor bastard won't die.

Still takes a wicked long lasting edge too :cursing:

I want it to die.. so I can get a new one, with more tools.
I'm on my second one. I've had it since I've been 19. The spring on the scissors is worn and I need to get another one. I had another one that is not made anymore, but it was lost when I was in New Hampshire.
I have a Victorinox Spartan. I did not realise how useful it would actually be until I started carrying. It gets used for something at least once a day.

The thing I like about it is that all the blades actually do what they are supposed to, be it opening tins, wine bottles...........

Ended up getting them for my dad and brother.


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I have several but the one I carry the most is a Wenger which only has the two items I use the most, a blade and a bottle opener. It is amazing how hard it is to find a knife that only has these two things. Every other knife has a bunch of superfluous stuff that just makes the knife thicker. I have a BIG collection of pocket knives, some very high quality and expensive, but I keep going to the cheep 'lil Wenger because of its slim profile.
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