Any experience with Wet Shaving Products solid cologne?

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by Steeleonious, Jan 21, 2019.

    Has anybody tried any of the Sold Colognes from WSP?

    Do you think they'll last?

    Some of the scents WSP has are awesome and I'm tempted to buy a solid cologne but I can't find any discussion in the forums.

    I'm interested to hear your thoughts.
  1. I have been a fan of WSP products for a few years, and have several of their soaps, and also several of their EDT cologne offerings. My favorite of their line that I have tried is the Tobacco Vanilla, it is amazing and probably my favorite cologne EVER.

    I liked it so much that I purchased the solid cologne version of it also, and could not be more pleased with the product. Their is a lot there, and it appears that it will last a long time, and is head on with the EDT version of it also.

    I would highly recommend their solid cologne if you are on the fence about it.
  2. Do you think they smell different at all?
    Tobacco is my favorite scent by miles among the shave soaps but I noticed that the Formula T is sweeter and stronger than the Rustic. I guess the tallow impacts how the scent is held in the product or something.
    I'm curious if the solid version of the cologne smelled the same as the liquid one?
    And thanks for your input.
  3. Well, I have had the WSP tobacco soap and EDT, and I thought they smelled quite similar, but have not tried their solid tobacco cologne. The only one that I own in their solid line again is their vanilla tobacco, which I love, and is absolutely spot on with their EDT.

    Chances are that the solids will be quite similar, if not exactly the same as their liquid counterparts.
  4. Thanks. I think you have gotten me off the fence.
  5. I would also highly recommend Phoenix and Beau, for their solid cologne's. I don't know if you have tried any of their shave soaps which are all excellent, but their solid cologne offerings are great also. Probably my favorite scent of all time is their Spitfire offering. To me it resembles a great mix of leather, tobacco, and kind of a motor oil type scent all wrapped in to one. The motor oil aspect is not a turn off, it is more mellow in an old machine shop type of way, but the scent profile of Spitfire is sooooo good to me.

    Anyway, if you haven't, you might check them out also.
  6. Wow! Thanks for the heads up. That sounds very interesting and very intriguing.
  7. You are very welcome. I know this is the fragrance forum, but thought I would throw that out there, Phoenix and Beau is an excellent brand out of the UK, and their product IMO is one of the better ones. If you are much into shave soaps, you should check those out also.
  8. I'll keep them on my radar. Mine is a bit of a one horse town I'm afraid. Not too exciting, but I'm really into the Formula T atm.
  9. I couldn't help but add an update to this and say that I absolutely love the scent now. Though I liked it straight away I had some minor reservations, it has grown on me tremendously and now I put it on my wrists and basically huff it while I work. Thanks again for the advice.
  10. No problem, I am glad that you enjoy it to. I think it's going to be my top scent forever, as long as they make it, haha.

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