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Any difference with these 2 Personnas?

Hi gents,

I'm looking to buy 100 Personna Blades from Ebay and there are what seems to be 2 different packaged Personnas on offer.

The first one is the regular pack that I have and the second one is a couple of dollars more expensive but the packs look a little different. The second seller says they are 2008-2009 stock and stays "why buy old stock when you can buy new stock".

Here are the links:

First one:

Second one:

I don't mind paying a bit more for the newer stock (second seller) but I would be not happy if the new stock blades are different and perhapsnot as good as the ones I'm used to or even if perhaps the 2nd seller blades are perhaps fake?

Does anyone know if they are both genuine and if there is a difference?

Also, do you think this is a good deal for 100 personnas either way or might I get a better deal elsewhere (B/S/T perhaps)?


T - I've purchased a few times from the "first" seller and have been happy.
I haven't heard about the stock from the other seller, but the prices are very fair.
You know that you like the stock that the first seller offers, so that's a safe bet.

Personally, I've been wanting to hear some feedback on the newer packaging to see if there's any change in blade quality.

EDIT: My statement about fair prices is for shipping to USA. I'm not sure how it equates to Australia. Cheers.
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The second seller is a B&B member. I've bought from him a few times with very good service each time. He has some posts over in Shopping, but I believe he links to his eBay store.

I just recently bought some of the Personna red packs from him (same ones you show in the 2nd eBay link) and they are the real deal. I believe the packaging changes were made last year.

Here's a link with more info on Israeli blades:


You also might see how much shipping is from West Coast Shaving.
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