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Antique strop identification

I acquired the below strop from a friend who lives down the road. He was moving to Bahrain and wanted me to have it for my shaving collection. He didn't know how old it was except that it belonged to his grandfather.

It has engraving all over it and is retractable like a tape measure. I would assume you have it attached to a hook, pull it out to do your stropping. When finished it closes back on itself.

Does anyone have any knowledge on this and if it has any value?


There is a strop almost identical to yours is a local antique shop here in Marietta Ga. They are asking $75 for it..
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Hi there...I am a newbe member in the U.K. I am a barber by trade and would soooo like to own and use one of these strops.....do you wish to sell it? or does anyone know where I can find and purchase one...thankyou all JIM
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