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Antique Shop Surprise!!

Stopped on my way home from work at an antique shop just around the corner and found this stuff.What a surprise.:w00t: A mug made in Gernany by D&B as hallmarked on bottom.A 11/16 Genco Model B4 w/ shortened blade.A Gillette NEW,which should clean up nicely.An Omega shave brush,Made in Italy.And last ,but the better find,A Wade & Butcher "FOR BARBERS USE" 8/8 Spike Full Hollow Meatchopper.:lol:
After about an hour and a half of razor love making and have considerable progress! OHH YEAH!!!!:biggrin:Stay tuned!!!:lol:
Wow! That is really instructive to see how that cleaned up. I was wondering about that chip but the razor now looks beautiful!
How much width did you lose overall?

Were you just continually cutting on the bevel, or did you breadknife it?
You were very lucky to grab one W&B For Barber's Use, that's one of the most precious W&B out there.
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