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Another fun Veg story...

Anything as polarizing as the Veg tends to draw my attention, so I just had to try the stuff. Suffice to say, I am not among the chosen.

I had phoned up my father to discuss the happenings of the last few days, and mentioned my unsuccessful foray into Vegdom, and he started laughing uncontrollably. "Let me tell you a story," sez he...

"Right after I graduated High School, I tried to find a job. There really were none to be had, so I hitchhiked to Texas, to my grandfather's house to see if there was better luck out that way. Granddad was a preacher, a farmer, and a barber. He used a straight razor until the day he passed, and had an impressive collection of aftershaves. Now I had been carrying a bottle of Aqua Velva around for a while and using only it. Didn't much like it, but I had payed good money for it and wanted to use it up. I finally finished it off at Granddad's, so I went looking one morning for something to slap on my face. Right there was a big bottle of that Lilac Vegetal."

"I slapped a little on, and instantly knew I had made a mistake. The stink was terrible. I tried to wash it off, but couldn't escape the smell. I had things to do though, so I went on with my day. Later on, I asked Granddad about it because I thought it had 'turned'. Granddad said, 'Boy, that Vegetal will peel the paint off the walls and it takes a certain kind of man to wear it. You aint that certain kind of man, and truth be told neither am I. The bottle is pretty neat though, so just let it alone and stick with the Clubman.' "

:ohmy: So not only am I among the unchosen, but evidently so are the last three generations of my family. We all agree on Clubman though :thumbup:

I told Dad I'd hold on to the bottle until he could give it a sniff for old time's sake, but we both agreed that afterward it should be stored in the lawnmower shed until it can be properly disposed of by the county hazmat team.
So if any of you are familiar with my employment situation thread, I was unemployed for 10 months, finally snagged a career appropriate position a few weeks back and promptly got laid off almost before my start date. Bummer for sure.

Last Thursday out of the blue I got a call "so and so recommends you as a top executive ...blah blah blah" So I went in on Friday to meet this person and since so Little has gone right job wise I thought what the heck and shaved and liberally applied LV before the interview...

The lady that interviewed me seemed well impressed with me and offered the job on the spot!! Coincidence? I think not!!!

Lilac Vegetal moves in mysterious ways my brothers.

***Don't try this at home, most of us recruiters have a big aversion to candidates who smell, stink, over perfume etc***
I have iPads on my mind of late, but Apple's ambitious euphemism can equally apply to the Veg..."it's magical"
i tried the veg the first time the other day. i can't say it stank or smelled like armageddon was close on my heels. it smelled like lilac... STRONG lilac. it wasn't bad; i'm just not a big floral kind of person.

so i don't know if i would say i wasn't chosen (in the sense that i had the sudden urge to urinate and run from the cannon fire), but i will say we will just remain acquaintances for now.
Great story, I'll be pulling the trigger on getting a Veg sample as soon as Clubman Online is restocked on a few other scents.
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