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And Then There Were 5

I recently trimmed my collection of 30 razors down to the final 5...hopefully to be the Final 6.
At one point I had over 250 razors, vintage, modern, hard to find etc. Then it just got to a point where I was looking at them and not using them. Dusting them mostly. So I trimmed that collection down, took me a while, to 30 razors. Then I decided to thin the herd even further.
I sat there and went through quite the elimination process to get to the final razors.
As you can see, my display rack has spaces for 6 razors. The handle occupying the 3rd spot from the left is a Ti handle from the artisan rusdrunkbear. I want to use that handle with a Henson Ti22 aggressive head. That will make my 6 razors complete. However, talked to the Henson guys today and its may several months before we see anymore Ti's. Seems they're having problems keeping up with the AL13 razor demand, which are very good razors in their own right.
So The lineup is as follows, from left to right.
1. The Feather ASD2, a very well made, mild shaver that seems to work best with new, sharp blades. Have had best success with Super Iridiums, Polsilvers and of course Feather blades. A very nice, razor...usually requires a few passes but is very forgiving, well-balanced and easy to manoeuvre.
2. My CoonCat Bob New Long Comb. Complete razor from the legend. Had it plated in Black Nickel which has faded but doesn't affect the efficiency of the razor at all. On a halo handle, this will remain with me because I re-discovered it a few days ago and I love the shave and looks. Good technique needed with new blades but still a very comfortable shave.
3. The spot reserved for the Henson Ti head. Wish I could find someone who wanted to sell or someplace who still had them.
4. The Yates razor with the brass hybrid head. Love this thing. Very easy to use, efficient and great balance. I find it works very well with a variety of blades.
5. ATT with the Windsor M1 plate. I really enjoy this mild shaver but swapped out the usual Bulldog handle for this halo handle, which to me is much easier to use and makes a more elegant looking razor. Likes newer blades.
6. The Tatara Masamune OC in black. A terrific razor, light, balanced and very efficient. Probably the most aggressive of all the razors here, save for the long comb. But aggressive in a nicely controlled manner. You can't wheel this one around like a Henson AL13, but with good technique you get wonderful shaves. Really likes Feather blades, but I also get good results with other sharp blades as well.

So these are my go-to razors unless something absolutely amazing comes along and honestly what could that be? About all I see is different materials resulting in overblown pricing. My favourite material is SS. Ti comes in second. Brass was ok, so was Bronze...Copper never really interested me mainly because it just seemed to be a bit of a faddish type of thing. But to each his own.
The razors I have now will serve me for a long time and do so admirably.
Thanx for reading and I wish you great shaves with zero nicks.
Getting down to 5 from 250! Now that is discipline! My goal is to get down to 5 from 30. Glad to see the Yates 921 on your list. It is at the very top of mine.


ancient grey sweatophile
Getting down to 5 from 250! Now that is discipline! My goal is to get down to 5 from 30. Glad to see the Yates 921 on your list. It is at the very top of mine.
I am sure these razors are all at the top of someone's list. I like my Above the Tie Windsor enough that it IS my list, and the mild plate is my favorite.
Nice collection, and excellent discipline. I keep telling myself that I need to do something similar, especially since I use shavettes as my main tools and really only use DE for clean-up and on vacation.
But every time I think about selling one of my seldom-used DEs I get all sentimental and back out.
Congrats. I will have to figure out a way to get more fortitude.
What an enjoyable, and informative, read! Thank you so much for posting!

I also try to strictly adhere to my self-imposed limit of six razors, but I pinky-swear that I’ll never go above 10 (10 is a nice, round number… Right?).

My current rotation is comprised of a couple of Aluminum Kaves, a couple of Fatips OC, one Fatip SB and a Muhle R-41. At the moment, I have a very strong interest in the Blackland Era and the Aluminum Henson (if the ever produce it in the aggressive configuration). RazoRock has a couple of interesting models, but idk… Something ticks me off about these… And one day I’ll get me an AS-D2, one day…

Currently, I am enjoying my (relatively) new Karve Alu OC-F so much I am seriously considering getting me spare!
I have four boxes of mostly modern razors, and there's been almost that many sold off as they came and went.
I have started to sort through them and sell a couple off.
Looking at this thread and thinking 250 that was a very impressive razor count.
I realize now I really don't have a problem, so thanks.
I think I should tell my wife that I have no problem!
Wow.....impressed with you ability to whittle down to 5 razors from so many. Nice job.....and great selections. I have 8 that I keep in rotation, but own many more. Our tops are fairly similar. I have the Yates, Tatara, Windsor, and Ti 22 Henson. My other favs are Blackbird, Rocca, 3one6, and H&S P076. Not sure I can part with any of these.
I am just at the beginning of my journey, only about four months back after trying and failing years ago. I had one razor, a Merkur 33C, from that attempt. I’ve acquired 19 more razors since starting back so I can totally see how you can come to have that many. All but 3 of them are vintage that I bought for a pittance so I only have a few hundred dollars invested. I know I’m probably overdoing it but right now I feel like I’m just finding my way and am really enjoying it. I can see the conclusion to this almost certainly being where you’ve ended up. It’s good to know that if I head down that road there’s a way back.
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