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And so it begins...

After a number of months with a Parker 99R, the next addition to the stable has arrived. Now for my first shave with my newly arrived '56 Superspeed flare-tip, cleaned but not yet re-polished. The SS was the safety razor in our medicine cabinet when I was a kid that I used to play with - opening and closing the doors, which I thought was the neatest thing. Dad had moved on to Trac-IIs and a Norelco electric by the time I was old enough to know what this strange piece of metal was, and his original Gillette got lost somewhere in their last move.

The TTO design I remembered from my kid-dom was the reason I bought the Parker in the first place. Now, I've got my own version of the original from my youth. Time to put it to good use!

Of course, now I'm looking at Merkur and Mühle open-combs... There's no cure for RAD, is there?
Do not try to resist, that only feeds your RAD and makes it stronger.
It's not a cure, but I have heard if you Embrace it, Love it, Live it..... some time later,
having spent vast sums of money you may come out the other side.
Sure your retirement may be gone and the kids education funds depleted,
but when the friends drop by you can point and say,
" Look at all the shiny razors."
After reading many similar posts, you guys are nothing more than enablers......not that there's anything wrong with that.......:lol:
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