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And I am no longer a lurker

Well, that is misleading because I still read about 5x as much as I post. Had my first DE shave today and managed not to look like the last scene of Hamlet. Did not get a perfect shave, but it was fun. Since I shave everyday, I figure I will have plenty of practice.

I do have an impossible (maybe) to answer question. If I feel slight tugging while shaving, is that an issue with blade angle, blade itself, lather, or me? I understand that it could be all of the above, any input would be wonderful.

Thanks to all the knowledge contained herein as well as the people who contributed it.

As a final shot, my wife and I welcomed our new daughter to the world yesterday. Now I have a brand new Baby Butt to use for reference and hitting that BBS shave.:thumbup1:
Congrats on your new arrival. And welcome to B&B. Glad you de-lurked.

The answer to your question is it could be any or all of the three issues you mentioned.

What blade are you using and is this the first shave with it?

Let the weight of the razor do the work for you. I use two fingers and my thumb to hold the razor with my pinky resting on the tip of the handle. This results in holding the razor very lightly with no pressure on the razor. I hold the razor as lightly as I can without it falling from my hand. For blade angle take a look at here.

Also, you did not mention what your prep was. Pre-shave prep is important.

Take a look at the wiki on lather: http://wiki.badgerandblade.com/index.php/Lathers
Its ok not to post as much as you read. If the blade is used, it may tug. It could be a combo of any above like ackvil mentioned.
Welcome and congratulations!

I find that when I change blades the angle almost fixes itself. I never bothered learning the right angle. I have found that the blade change sorts this out.

I guess if you try many blades and they all tug then you will definitely need to work on your angle. Until that happens try a few different blades and don't worry too much about blade angle unless they all tug.

- Aaron
Congrats on the baby girl!! I too was a lurker for a awile. I still feel like I don't post as much as I read......but I find myself posting on topics that interest me. Once you get going you just can't stop.
Thanks for all of the replies. I think my pre-shave is pretty spot on. I got a new Merkur and it came with a sample blade (marked "Merkur"). I am going to change it out to one of the ones from a sample pack that I got. The good thing it that I will be trying again tomorrow. :lol:
Congrats on the daughter, I have two and they are a joy!

I will get tugging when I use an old blade (try a NOS vintage blade and you'll see what I mean) or I don't let the lather do it's thing which in addition to providing a slick surface, softens the beard.

I will also get tugging when I shave my upper lip, and that I am certain, is blade angle.

Thanks for the well wishing, wife and new daughter are doing quite well. I tried a different blade and got worse tugging then before. I will try another one tomorrow. Did make three or four practice lathers while my daughter and wife napped, that seems to be getting better.

Such an informative bunch here, I hope to one day be able to contribute a fraction of this knowledge.
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