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And here we go!!

Hello Everyone,

I have checked this forum and started wet shaving!

I have purchased a Merkur Safety Blade, Badger Brush, Mama`s Bear Soap, Proraso Soap and After Shave. Im all up and running for now :)

Just have a question:

We have discussed about neck rash. The main reason why i switched to this instead of the Mach 3 scrap.... The neck rash is going away but still present.
Some of you guys recommend witch hazel.

What is the process with witch hazel...shave, cold wash, witch hazel, after shave? or..does witch hazel replace the aftershave process? I usually use the proraso after shave balm.

Please Advise
I usually apply WH after the cold rinse but before the balm. To apply the WH I am now using atomizers, though I have used it as a splash and have applied it with cotton pads (my preferences are: atomizer > cotton pads > splash).
I recently just went through an excruciating neck ordeal. Here's what worked for me.

1. Cetaphil
2. Shave
3. Aloe

After things settled down I subsituted the Aloe for Thayer's Lemon! Then after the Thayer's soaks in I apply an A/S balm or moisturizer.

I recently received a sample of Rosehip Seed Oil from one of our upstanding gentlemen here and I really like the results so far.

As others have previously described I shave, rinse with cold water, apply WH to hands and apply, follow with Cetaphil and/or aloe.

I mangled my neck pretty bad last week while on vacation. I used first aid cream and hydracortizone cream and had very good results. The first aid cream cleaned the area and the hydracortizone reduced the swelling. The hydracortizone also had aloe in it which was nice. Very effective overall routine for a damaged area.
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