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An odd pattern...

Today I picked up my third TOBS cream, Almond, and when I was at the store sniffing the possibilities something occurred to me: when it comes to creams in a tub, I seem to gravitate to floral/sweeter scents; yet my cream in tubes are all more masculine/musky/barber-type scents. I don't really have an overall preference to one side of the scent-fence or the other; I like both types. But as I was smelling, say, the Mr. Taylor, I just wasn't psyched to buy a tub of it. On the other hand, I never seem to reach for the Coates Rose that I have in a tube; I'd rather squeeze some Tabac or Musgo.

What the heck does this mean? Does anyone else have unexplainable habits or patterns?
hmm... masculine scents are in tubes. tubes are phallic.

feminine/floral scents are in tubs. tubs are receptive, encompassing.


nope. nothing occurs to me.

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